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Draft Inducer Motors

We stock over 400 different makes and models of draft inducer motors for over 20 furnace brands. When it comes to draft inducer motors our selection covers a wide variety of motors at affordable prices.

773 789-7278


My furnace went out and I tried to find a gas valve for a furnace that should have been replaced years ago. I didn't think that I would find the part, much less on a Sunday and then I came across USA Supply. These people  know their business. I discribed what I needed to a gentleman who explained to me in easy to understand directions where and what to look for on the heater. They had a replacement part that I picked up at thier Chicago store. It was priced right and I couldn't be happier. I highly recommend this company to anyone who needs heating parts.

*This testimonial was edited to be understood more clearly.

USA Supply for Furnace Parts in Chicago

USA Supply is open 24 HOURS every day of the year!


We are now open everyday of the year to our customers nationally as well as our local customers here in Chicago, Illinois. Just give us a call and we'll have your part ready when you arrive. As always we sell to homeowners and contractors alike.


Saftey  E-mail

Due to the nature of the parts we sell and the potential for damage to property and the risk of injury and/or death it is required that you read and understand the terms and conditions section of our website. If for any reason you can't understand or agree to these terms we suggest you call a reputable Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor in your area for assistance. Your safety and the saftey of others depends on it. Please click this link TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

Electrical Safety
 Always turn OFF all power to the appliance before serving or making any kind of repair.
 Do not attempt to replace ANY Electrical part if you do not feel comfortable working with electrical components. Working with fuses and breakers can sometimes expose you to lethal voltages. If in doubt, call for a license service company.
Never touch or move frayed wires if you are not sure that the power is turned off. 
If you reset a breaker or replace fuse and it blows again as soon as you turn the power on, do not replace or turn it on again.
Do not install a bigger fuse! Call a license service company.
If you replace a fuse, always replace it with the correct amperage rating located on the equipment. Installing the wrong size fuse can create a fire hazard, or damage equipment.  
If you Smell Natural Gas or Propane
Before working on any gas appliance turn the gas off.
If you are not familiar or comfortable working on any gas appliance call a license service company to make all repairs.
If you smell natural gas or propane, even if you don't have a gas line in your house or business -- report it to your natural gas supplier immediately. If the odor is strong, leave the house or office immediately and call your natural gas supplier from a neighbor's telephone.
Do not use your own telephone. 
Never use matches to look for gas leaks and never try to look for the leak your-self. Don't flip a switch, since they can create sparks, and don't use any other electrical equipment. If the odor is strong, leave the house immediately. 

Gas Furnace Safety
Repeated pilot outages could indicate a hazardous condition. Don't attempt to re-light the pilot or service the equipment.  Call a license service company.
If your appliance has been flooded, shut off the gas immediately. Do not use your gas system again until the wet or flooded equipment has been checked and serviced.
Do not store any type of combustibles near your furnace or heating equipment.
At the first indication of incomplete combustion (yellow flame instead of blue, or soot present), call a license service company immediately. Improper combustion can cause carbon monoxide buildup which good be potentially fatal! 
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Although there may be no problem in your house, you should be alert to the causes of carbon monoxide poisoning. Common causes of carbon monoxide poisoning are malfunctioning heater vents or clogged chimneys. They should be checked occasionally to make sure they are free from obstructions. Your heater also releases water vapor that must get out through a vent or chimney. Otherwise, moisture in the chimney can cause gradual erosion of the chimney. If you have concerns, get expert advice from a qualified source.
Carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms can include dizziness, nausea, headache, weakness, and loss of muscle control, chest tightness, heart fluttering, sleepiness, redness of the skin, confusion, vomiting and diarrhea. Carbon monoxide poisoning should be suspected if more than one member of the family is sick and if they feel better after being away from home for a period of time.
People, who suspect they have been exposed to carbon monoxide, should immediately seek fresh air, if symptoms linger, they should see their doctor quickly. 
Special Skills Needed to make furnace repairs
You should be familiar with the manufactures specs on the particular appliance you are working on. You should also be familiar with all safety regulations listed on that particular appliance you are working on. Always follow the manufactures service, installation and safety warnings on the appliance. Always follow local and international mechanical and electrical code. If you are not familar with any of these terms or conditons or do not understand any of the terms and conditions you should NOT ATTEMPT to make repairs. YOU MUST call a licsensed HVAC contractor. 


CALL NOW! 773-789-7278

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