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Chicago HVAC Parts Since 1966...

USA Supply is the Furnace, Boiler, and HVAC replacement parts leader when it comes to inventory, experience, and price. Our staff has a combined 150 years of experience in the heating industry. If you need answers your at the right place. USA Supply. Chicago's #1 Furnace Supply Parts Provider.

773 789-7278


My furnace went out and I tried to find a gas valve for a furnace that should have been replaced years ago. I didn't think that I would find the part, much less on a Sunday and then I came across USA Supply. These people  know their business. I discribed what I needed to a gentleman who explained to me in easy to understand directions where and what to look for on the heater. They had a replacement part that I picked up at thier Chicago store. It was priced right and I couldn't be happier. I highly recommend this company to anyone who needs heating parts.

*This testimonial was edited to be understood more clearly.

USA Supply for Furnace Parts in Chicago

USA Supply is open 24 HOURS every day of the year!


We are now open everyday of the year to our customers nationally as well as our local customers here in Chicago, Illinois. Just give us a call and we'll have your part ready when you arrive. As always we sell to homeowners and contractors alike.


  Many furnace and boiler manufacturers go through great lengths to insure that thier furnace brand replacement parts must be purchased from them in order to insure maximum profits for the manufacturer. These parts, when they are original from the factory are known as OEM or "Original Equipment Manufactuer". Some of the smaller manufactuers as well as the larger one's opt to take a common, mass produced part and simply code the part with model numbers  that make it difficult to cross reference the furnace part to the furnace brand without the manufacturer cross reference data. This allows the manufactuer to charge what the market demands.

  We will use a gas valve as an example for any given 100,000 BTU furnace. Furnace companies are not tooled to make gas valves or most other parts that go into your furnace or boiler. They outsource the gas valves from companies such as White Rodgers or Honeywell. These companies will simply put whatever number the big boys want on the gas valve so that it is  imparative to buy from the furnace manufacturer to insure getting the right part that works.
USA Supply impliments hgh tech software that cross references over ONE MILLION HVAC parts. This insures that we are providing the same part that fits with the lowest price possible.

   Not all parts are universal. Many times the "big boys" will pay the bucks for engineers to design furnace parts  for their furnace brand that can only be used in thier equipment and must be purchased from the manufactuer, UNIVERSAL PARTS WILL NOT WORK! Sometimes there is NO WAY AROUND IT. This is a good example of what can happen when you buy a heating appliance from a "Huge, Well Known" manufactuer. Non OEM, Universal aftermarket parts are not always the answer due to lower price and avaiilability. I have seen applications on aftermarket circuit boards where the time delay off cycle for the circulator fan was too short and had ended up causing severe heat exchanger damage to the furnace as a result. USA Supply goes through great lenghths to make sure that we are getting our customers the best quailty parts at the most affordable price. 

   In some cases when the patented designs that manufacturers hold expires, other part manufacturer companies will mass produce the part for a fraction of the cost of what the OEM part originally cost from the manufacturer. These parts are commonly refered to as "aftermarket" parts. Aftermarket parts are usually a universal type part that will work for many different applications and in some case for various reasons is this not a recommeded solution. When you give us a call with your furnace/boiler model and serial number, our staff will be able to assist you in making the best choice for your application. Our staff will tell you what our recommendation is and why.

We have given our customers an extensive review of many furnace brands and furnace brand parts in Chicago and across the United States for walk in customers and furnace parts online.



CALL NOW! 773-789-7278

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